My Teenage Daughter Starts Driving

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 is a sobering yet exciting time in my household…my daughter received her driving permit!!!

I’m so excited for her and she is and will always be my little princess. The sad thing is that it’s a reminder that she has grown up so fast and it seems like only yesterday when I was playing “Super Baby” with her. This is where I’d lift her up in the air with my legs and tell Super Baby! I really miss those days.

The other side of this is we now have to do the driving lessons! No fear, right? The good news is that she’s smart and calm so I won’t have the horrible experience that other parents have had. Plus, once she gets the hang of it, she’ll be the one making the dinner run to Taco Bueno for us all.

Congratulations Princess, I am very proud of you! And no, you can’t drive my 1966 Oldsmobile.  Of course without a working radio, I know I am safe for now.

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