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James Dalman

Turning a negative into positive.

I will never forget. It was in the fourth grade when my teacher told me I would never do anything with my life. She said I spent too much time drawing and dreaming. It was in this moment gasoline was poured onto the fire. It was the catalyst for my success.

James Dalman is a consultant who helps brands grow and thrive. He's also the founder and CEO of Happy Joe, a military lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting the well being of our nation's heroes.

James has invested 30 years in the branding and marketing of businesses across the globe. He's done work for Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, top-selling authors, small businesses, and innovative startups.

James served in the U.S. Army Reserves and National Guard as an 11 Bravo Infantryman. He’s passionate about changing the negative stories surrounding the military community and investing in veteran owned businesses.

He speaks regularly on entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, web tech, and veteran's issues. If you’d like to know more, get in contact with him by phone or over craft tequila.


  • Andy Sernovitz

  • Arnold Palmer

  • Astroff Consultants

  • Becky McCray

  • Best Western

  • BMW

  • Calloway Golf


  • Honda

  • HTC

  • Michael Hyatt

  • Jeff Pulver


  • National Veterans Foundation

  • NCAA Football

  • NHL

  • Nike Golf

  • Pearson NL

  • Pebble Beach

  • USAR, 95th Division

More Kind Words.

Are you looking to launch a website or make your logo one that stands out in a crowd? James Dalman is simply the best!!! Our logo rocks and our website is killer!!!

Eric Mitchell

CEO, LifeFlip Media

I couldn’t be more thrilled with what James Dalman designed for my website. He created ridiculously good details that I still admire even months later. Perhaps more importantly, he listened to what I didn’t want and avoided it.

Becky McCray

Speaker and Author

I love great brands. That’s why I recommend James to clients who need branding work. His decades of experience will help you effectively convey the message you want. I love his work!

Randy Cantrell

Podcaster, Entrepreneur

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