A Tribute to My Dad, Jim Dalman.

Time can bring you down, Time can bend your knee
Time can break your heart, Have you begging please
Begging please ….

Today marks the 19 year anniversary of my dad, Jim Dalman, passing away.

Dad invested in my life as much as he could.  He was always providing me with the tools and lessons to develop my artistic skills.  I remember him buying my first airbrush at the age of 16 — an Iwata HP-C, which was $175 then and not cheap for a struggling family.  He wanted me to excel and this is one way he could do that.  It’s because of him and my mom believing in me, I am where I am today.

Dad had played guitar in a band called the “G Brothers” made up of family members and that later became “Group Therapy.” They recorded with Sunshine and RCA and toured Europe and America.  And because I loved music as much as he did, he taught me to play guitar on the 1964 Gibson Trini-Lopez with the Bigsby tremolo system at age 14 – and learned my first song, House of the Rising Sun.  A couple months before he died he was listening to me play and told me how much I improved and how proud he was of me.

And then there will ALWAYS be the famous Christmas tradition that I miss more than anything!  Every year my dad felt it was necessary (even at the age of 51) to climb up into our 40 foot tall pecan tree and haul one string of lights up the top.  It was his special thing and you always knew where home was in the dark because of that one string of lights!

My dad wasn’t perfect by any means and there were times where he was extremely hard on us.  He made some mistakes he shouldn’t have, but I would never change it for the world and I would certainly give anything to have him back.  So here’s to you dad!  You were one of a kind and I thank you for everything you did. – “Not Yet” ; )

Thanks for letting me share a few great memories today …

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