Increase your revenues. Experience more freedom.

I provide the strategies and tools to increase your online business revenues while reducing the time you spend working in the business.

It's time to climb the mountain.

Due to the global pandemic, people are doing more business via the internet and shopping online than ever before. It's accelerated the focus on building online businesses and the need for e-commerce capabilities. The landscape has changed and there's no going back.

While there are many uncertainties and challenges to building an online business, the opportunity far outweighs the risk. Companies who refuse to adapt to the changing environment will struggle to survive. This is why it's critical to prepare now and begin the journey towards the summit.

Fortunately there is great opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to invest in their futures. The companies with the right online strategies and tools will reach the pinnacle of success. Plus you can increase your revenues and experience more freedom in your business.

Now is the time to build an amazing online business and I'm here to help. My purpose is being your online sherpa and guiding you towards the summit. Lean on my vast experience in the industry and increase your chances of thriving for the future.

Let me be your guide.

For the past 10 years, I’ve invested my time into building lucrative online ventures for myself and other business partners. My experience in the industry is vast and includes everything from business strategies to product development to e-commerce solutions. I’ve failed many times and learned a lot, but I’ve also reached the top and it is awesome. 

My passion is helping amazing businesses like yours earn more revenues while experiencing more freedom. And when you partner with me, you get all I have because your success is the most important objective of our journey.

Industry expertise:

  • CBD and Cannabis

  • Retail and Consumer Goods

  • Military Non-Profit Organizations

  • Online Education and Training

  • Membership Platforms

  • Productized Services

  • Apparel and Merchandise


Developing a great strategy is mandatory for achieving your objective. I'll create a roadmap to guide you to the summit.


Investing in the right tools and platform is critical for any online venture. I'll equip you with the proper resources.


Relying on the expertise of a veteran improves your chances of reaching the top. I'll provide you with support.

Trust is everything!

In order to have the best chance of success, we must develop a trust in each other. Having served hundreds of clients over the years, you can be assured you're in the capable hands of an industry professional and veteran.

Brent Medovich

It was a pleasure to work with James Dalman. I highly recommend him to anyone. We take great pride that our website was made by a talented military veteran. HOOYAH!

Amazing brands I've worked with.

Platform University
Nike Golf
Best Western