Premium WP Theme Review: Studio Press & Genesis

My second review for the WP Theme Experiment is on the hugely popular Genesis theme framework offered by StudioPress; a premium WordPress theme company launched by the hopeless Starbucks addict, Brian Gardner. There has been some confusion lately about theme frameworks, child themes, and stand alone themes. While this is a deeper discussion for another time, I would say that Genesis is like a Ferrari.  The engine is WordPress, the body and parts are Genesis, and the child themes are the … [Read more...]

Premium WP Theme Review: Headway Themes

This is the first review in a series I will be writing based on my WP Theme Experiment.  Today I'll be sharing my insight on Headway Themes created by the father and son team, Grant and Clay Griffiths. Headway is unlike any other theme I have ever experienced and it is very simple to use. You can load it into WordPress and get an intuitive feel for it without reading any documentation.  The UI (User Interface) is graphically appealing and you can move your way around the visual editor with … [Read more...]

The WP Theme Experiment

The last two years I've had a lot of people ask me about which premium WordPress themes are the best choice for their projects and exactly how easy they are to learn and use.  These questions are usually subjective based on a person's knowledge, skill set, what they've heard from others, or what their desired outcome is supposed to be.  Giving a first place award for "Best in Show" to a premium WP theme company is extremely difficult because of these variables.  Regardless, I am going to conduct … [Read more...]

Build a Freelance Web Design Business Easier with iThemes!

I just wrote a post over at iThemes about How to Build a Freelance Web Design Business using our themes.  If you are looking for a great way to earn some side income or start a business in this whacked out economy - check out that post. It doesn't take much capital to get going and there is a huge need for WordPress blog customizing and installation.  I'll do what I can to give follow up advice too! … [Read more...]

The WordPress Mega Theme: FLEXX

Back in September, the whole iThemes team took a few days to hang out in the woods at Lake Murray in Oklahoma to brainstorm the next steps we would take for our business.  What emerged was the idea to build the "Theme of All Themes" and do it in such a way that even a novice Wordpress user could modify the look and feel of a design.  Two months later we finally have the product we are extremely proud of. FLEXX THEME launched today and it is something that I have personally looked forward to … [Read more...]