Success Tip: Align Yourself with the Right People

Have you ever wanted to achieve a new level of success that other people only dream about? I sure have, and throughout my years of owning a small business, I’ve discovered one of the best secrets in making this happen.

Align Yourself with the Right People

The people we surround ourselves with will have an exponential impact on where we go with our future. If you keep company with people that are successful, positive, generous, and willing to invest in you, then you will have a significantly greater chance at achieving your goals. If your relationships center on negative people who are only consumed about themselves or have never accomplished anything great, then you will likely be held back and will never reach the finish line.

When I first started out in business, I unfortunately surrounded myself with people who weren’t good influences. They had no ambition or business success and they certainly didn’t care about anything but their own little world. They were always negative to the ideas of achieving any goals or making self improvements. These were the years that I really struggled to make a living or to discover my true potential. I wasn’t going anywhere but down. But then someone shared the concept of aligning myself with the right people and it rocked my world!

I searched hard for the right mentors; leaders who were successful and had proven themselves in business and life. I took many to lunch and coffee on my dime. I asked tons of questions and listened eagerly. A few ended up becoming great friends and they poured their wisdom and energy into seeing me excel in all areas of my life. It was during this time that my business started to flourish and my marriage and family life became incredibly stronger! I owe much of my success to these mentors.

How Do You Find The Right People?

It takes hard work.  There is no easy way to find and align yourself with people who will help you succeed.  And you have to be cautious because the right people aren’t always the ones in the limelight or have the most connections – they could be relatively quiet or not have a huge Twitter following. Sometimes the people you least expect will be the biggest champions of your cause.

Here are some characteristics you should look for in finding the right people to align yourself with:

  • Willingness to Teach: If you look long enough or listen, you will find people who believe in the value of mentoring or teaching others what they know because they genuinely care about helping others.
  • Humility: Great mentors or coaches don’t (and won’t) need to talk continually about themselves or their accomplishments.
  • Passion: If a person’s “fire” has faded, then you won’t get the fuel needed to kindle your fire.  Find people with passion.
  • Integrity: Finding a person with integrity in all aspects of their life is a diamond in the rough!  You want to associate with people who are trusted and have great character.
  • Authenticity: I know this word gets used a lot, but people who are genuine are priceless and should be lifelong friends.
  • Gut Feeling: Sometimes the best advice is to just go with your gut feeling or intuition.  Many times we end up being right.

Once you have determined who these people are, all it comes down to is asking them if they would be willing to provide advice or in mentoring to you. You will never know until you ask and you might be surprised at how many people really want to help others.

Treat The Right People Right

The final advice that I want to share is the most important – treat any mentors or coaches right. Sadly, I’ve witnessed many “burning of the bridges” from well intentioned folks because they didn’t value the mentoring relationship that they were seeking. It is absolutely critical you practice the following courtesies.

1. Be on time, every time. Don’t make your mentor or coach wait on you ever if you can avoid it. And usually you can!

2. Listen to and respect their advice. The worst thing you can do is argue with or totally disregard the input from those you’ve asked help from.

3. Be willing to pay. Most mentors never want payment for their time or input. The exception may relates to their own business if they normally charge clients for the advice you seek. Whatever the case may be, always be willing to pay the person, or at a minimum, pay for a nice meal for their time.

4. Show gratitude. A thank you and a card will go a long way! Make sure that you show true appreciation for anyone who is willing to give you a hand along your journey.

Surrounding yourself with the right people takes does time and commitment but it is an investment that will yield amazing fruit for you and your business.