Standard 3 WordPress Theme Review

Have you ever wanted an awesome looking blog but didn’t want to spend countless hours trying to customize one? Have you ever desired a WordPress theme that is so easy to use, that even your grandma could do it? Then look no further than Standard Theme!

Standard Theme by 8Bit is one of the best WordPress themes you could ever have in your blogging or web design toolbox. I have had Standard since it first launched, and when version 3 was released earlier this year, I was totally stoked!

Standard Theme WordPress Theme Review

My Thoughts on Standard Theme WordPress Theme

1. IT IS EASY TO USE:  I totally revised my WordPress web design blog in under thirty minutes. Standard was created to be easy. There are four basic options in the Standard theme settings – GlobalPresentationSocialPublishing. Each section allows you to plug in the pertinent information or make changes to your theme without over complicating the process.

2. IT IS MINIMAL: The overall design is basic but VERY effective and professional. You can place the emphasis on your content, call to action graphics in the sidebar, and social media hubs that you want your visitors to subscribe to, all without the clutter that so many other blog sites present you with.

3. IT HAS GREAT SEO BUILT IN: It’s no secret that I am not an SEO expert, but for whatever reason, it appears that my blog posts and search engine traffic have greatly improved since switching to Standard for WP Web Designer. Of course, writing great content is always essential in building an audience, but the SEO features in Standard are pretty darn good.

4. IT’S CSS STYLING IS SOLID: The CSS structure makes sense to me when I need to make edits to the design and 8Bit has incorporated some very nice features for design impact. Most people will never mess with the CSS, but if you want to, Standard makes life easier to do this.

5. IT’S WEB RESPONSIVE: With so many people searching the web from their smart phone or tablets these days, it’s essential to have a website that can be viewed properly on all browsers and mobile devices. Standard requires no additional plugins or code to be web responsive.

6. IT CAN BE CUSTOMIZED: While Standard is a basic blogging theme, you can customize the look and features with some creative design and WP hacking skills. Out of the box you can easily add your logo, header, backgrounds, and favicon, but if you have some basic CSS or design talents, you can rock out your site just like Michael Hyatt does.

7. IT’S PRICE IS RIGHT: Some people love free or cheap themes, but you always get what you pay for! The $99 license option is the best and worth it. The product and support are top notch.

Standard Theme is Above Standard

If you have been looking for a great WordPress blog theme that gives you power, versatility, and simplicity, then check out Standard Theme by 8Bit today. I have had it since the very beginning of its launch and I’ve never regretted it at all!

*Some links to Standard Theme website are affiliate links. I appreciate the credit if you decide to purchase and I would gladly recommend this theme even without an affiliate program.


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    Yes. Standard is awesome. Hope you get some click traffic on the affiliate link. :)

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      LOL, well, if I get some traffic on the affiliate stuff that is great and helps me restore my ’66 Oldsmobile. But if not, I do enjoy passing along awesome stuff anyways.

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