Custom Sketch: Chinese Dragon

Custom Chinese Dragon Sketch by James Dalman

Most of my childhood was spent drawing cartoons or sketching everything from cars to people to fantasy artwork. It was a way for me to escape the world as I knew it. There was always something magical about having a blank piece of paper and a 5 mm mechanical pencil at my disposal. I loved to draw whatever came to mind and getting wrapped up into my work of art. When I transitioned from illustration to graphic art, I didn’t use my freehand drawing skills as much as I did when I was a kid, though I still would spend time filling my notebooks as I had time.

After my dad passed away in 1991, I lost my drive to sketch. I still used my drawing skills for client projects, but the days of just sitting there and drawing whatever came to mind was very rare. This is the first piece in twenty years that I’ve actually wanted to do and complete. It’s not my best work, but I’m pleased with it and happy to have had the opportunity to explore this creative side of my life once again. I believe there will be more custom sketches and drawings coming in the very near future!

  • Ursula

    I think it looks awesome, James! Great job! :)

    • James Dalman

      Thank you Ursula!

  • alex Vasquez

    Dude.this is pretty amazing. You are an bad ass

    • James Dalman

      LOL, thanks man!

  • Michael Gulikers

    Just like I remember it.

    • James Dalman

      You were there for the good ole days! Appreciate it. :)