Ready to Get Going?

Here are some general things you need to know before we talk.

Before we get started, I want to be honest and upfront. I don’t take on every project I am contacted about. I strive to partner with the people who have a passion for what they’re doing and who want to be different from the status quo. I am selective about who I do work for because then I can do my absolute best work and work that truly matters. I hope you want the best too!

It’s important for you to know what you can expect from me if we should choose to work together. These points are very important to me and they should be to you as well.

  • One on one personal attention. You are not a number in the machine.
  • A true interest and focus on your goals and desired outcome.
  • Reliable and trustworthy advice or input.
  • Outstanding workmanship and pride in my work. If I can’t sign my name to it, I won’t do it. Ever.
  • Clear and timely communication as we work together.
  • A NO BS POLICY! I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

I enjoy providing others with professional and trusted advice when it comes to branding, design, WordPress, online media, marketing ideas, and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in sitting down with me in person or virtually, my rates are $200 per hour with a one hour minimum.

I understand the budget is always an item that needs to be discussed as honestly as possible. So let’s shoot straight. If you are looking for the lowest bidder or cheapest price, please don’t contact me because I am not your guy. If you are serious about your investment and want better results, then you should expect to pay more. My rates are not the highest in the industry, but I do charge more than the average branding or design freelancer.

Submitting the Form Below

Before I can give you a quote or any input that can help you, I need to know more about your needs first. I will not schedule a phone call or respond to an email without the appropriate information first. This is so I can be sensitive of your time and mine. Please fill out the first contact form below and then I will follow up with any additional information as needed. Thank you!

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