My Word for 2014: Courage

Happy New Year! We are now in the first day of 2014. Hopefully you've had the time to look back on what the last year brought you in terms of successes and failures as well as started making plans on what you'd like to achieve in the year ahead. If not, there is still time, and if looking back or forward isn't your cup of tea, well then go ahead and live in the moment! As I've spent time this morning reading through the latest tweets of my friends, I noticed a couple of ideas that people … [Read more...]

Moving Forward in 2014

Yesterday I openly shared some of my successes and my failures in my 2013 end of the year review post. I believe there are many benefits in writing down your experiences and your goals in life. The biggest benefits being that you can always refer back to where you've been and how far you've gone in your journey. But it's more than just reviewing a roadmap of your life -- writing down your goals actually helps you to achieve them. If you don't make a plan for where you want to go, you will never … [Read more...]

My Scentsy Experience

Before I start, I must let you know that this post is NOT about encouraging you to join a Direct Sales business. I realize that we all have, at one time or another, been asked to look at the latest "opportunity" in order to achieve our dreams whether that's financial freedom or freedom from a job we hate. This post is plainly about my personal latest experience with Scentsy Fragrances. YOU WANNA DO WHAT??? This was my first thought when my wife introduced the notion of her becoming a Scentsy … [Read more...]

Setting Goals and Following Them

How many of us dream about achieving a lofty goal that our heart desires? The goal could be launching a new business, following your passion, improving your health, or rebuilding that classic car in the driveway. It might be about moving into a new career or traveling the world.  Whatever the goals are, they are only goals until we actually achieve them. I don't know about you, but hopefully one day I can call them milestones. Setting Goals and Turning Them Into Milestones One of the … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait on Others. Make Your Idea Happen Now!

Waiting. It's a word that I abhor even though I know at times it can the best action to take. But I am a man of action, and when I discover something I am passionate about doing or want to make happen, I hate sitting idle while the world passes me by. Especially when you know your idea can help other people or benefit those involved. Hurry Up and Wait. It's just one of the military sayings and attitudes I experienced in the Army. You rush to get ready for action or primed to take your … [Read more...]