Jiro Dreams of Sushi: A Journey to Perfection

People have often asked me as a designer why I tend to stress over the minute details in my work or design process. To many, it would be better to just crank out the project and get it done, without paying much attention to the seemingly unimportant details most people will never notice or see. It doesn't make sense to anyone but me, and while you may never see the flaws or imperfections, I always will. My goal has always been to strive for perfection or mastery even when reaching it will … [Read more...]

I’m Not a Great Designer, but I’m Great at Design.

I am a perfectionist in every sense of the word when it comes to anything I create or design. I am my own worst critic and I can see every flaw, every element that could have been better. Yet I will never achieve perfection. Not even close. Over the years I have learned that there is a point when an artist must embrace the moment when his or her work is good enough. There is that time when your beloved creation must be released into the world, ready or not, and that you accept that your work … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Adobe?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have both been very valuable design tools for me and my business. I've invested substantial funds into Adobe products for over 20 years now in addition to the training to learn how to use their software. And my plan wasn't ever considering any other options - until recently for two big reasons. The Changing of the Guard The past six months or so, I've been tracking more and more conversations in the web design community that Photoshop just isn't the right … [Read more...]

Design for Simplicity

I love products that are simple to use and services that are easy to understand. I don't want to spend three hours reading an instruction manual or fishing around in a support forum. An eight hour video series on setting up your WordPress theme is unacceptable. You will lose my business with complicated pricing and support levels. When I spend my time and money to purchase what you are selling and it only ends up in days or weeks of frustration, I am going to tell hundreds of my friends. … [Read more...]

Practice Doesn’t Make You Perfect

Recently I was cleaning up my garage when I decided to open an old toy box that my dad built for me when I was seven years old. I've kept quite a bit of stuff from when I was a kid through my teenage years. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps it's because my dad was also an avid collector and I subconsciously learned from him or maybe I just have the weird personality of those people on the TV shows American Pickers or Hoarders. Whatever the reason, I have it, and to be honest I think most of it's … [Read more...]